eForm 22A : Make your company ACTIVE Compliant by June 15,2019 ( Updated)

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Compliance Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification (ACTIVE)
Applicable To Every company incorporated on or before 31-Dec-2017
Last Date 25-April-2019 15-06-2019
Consequences Company marked as “ACTIVE- Non-Compliant” and liable to a fees of Rs. 10,000
Form INC 22A
Certification Requires certification by a Practicing Company Secretary/CA/Cost Accountant  

As is clear from the above that this compliance is very critical for every company incorporated on or before 31-Dec-2017.

The compliance requires several details of registered office, Auditor, last year’s Annual Filing and Directors to be submitted. 

Information about the Office

  1. Photo  External :  A photograph of the registered office from the outside of building. The photo must clearly show the name plate  mentioning name and Address of the company.
  2. Photo Internal : This photo must show at least Two Directors or One Director & one Key Managerial Person who will be affixing Digital Signatures for filing Form 22A.
  3. Latitude  and Longitude :  Read this article to easily find this information on Google Maps

Communication Details

  1. Email ID : Valid email Id of the company. An OTP will be sent to this email , which has to be mentioned in the Form

Other Details

  1. Details of Auditor :  Including Firm Name, Membership Number, PAN and Period for which appointed
  2. Details of Cost Audtior : In case the company is required to appoint such auditor
  3. Details of MD/Whole time director
  4. Details of Company Secretary, if applicable
  5. Details of Chief Financial Officer, if applicable
  6. Details  of the following forms, filed for the FY 2017-2018
    1. SRN of AOC-4
    1. SRN of MGT-7

Signing of Form

  1. The form is to be digitally signed by  two directors , or one director and one Key Managerial Person
  2. To be certified by a Practising Company Secretary or Chartered Accountant or Cost Accountant . It is to be noted that such professional will have to certify accuracy and completeness of the form and attachment.  For wrong certification the professional will be liable for action under section 448 of the Companies Act.


Click to access CompaniesIncorporationAmendmentRules_21022019.pdf

Click to access CompaniesIncorporationFourthAmendmentRules_25042019.pdf

Blog written by CS Prerna Gupta | Partner : Preksh Corpserve LLP for Proactly