Managing Compliances/ Tasks during Work from home

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What started as a temporary measure to manage COVID-19 induced lockdown, work from home is gradually becoming an accepted practice among companies. Not only IT and service industry, even manufacturing industry is adopting WFH for office work as this news report shows.

For accounts and compliance teams, managing compliances can become very smooth, if a compliance management solution is implemented. Here are five reasons why you must go for Proactly Compliance Management Solution and

  1. Everything at one place : Instead of keeping multiple Excel based trackers , Proactly keeps all your compliances at one place. This brings absolute clarity to all team members and a real-time Dashboard provides status of upcoming, overdue and completed compliances
  2. Absolute clarity to team members : There are several feature which allow each team member to be very clear and updated about the work
    • Responsibility to complete each compliance fixed to a maker
    • Responsibility to check and approve each compliance ( optionally ) fixed to a checker
    • Each user gets a ready list of upcoming compliances to be completed
  3. Never miss a due date : There is a robust system of reminder emails which are sent to each user at 10 AM every day. There are multiple ways these reminders can be configured : something as simple as <n> days before due date or configure separate reminder days for each compliance.
  4. Documents Search within 2 minute : while completing each compliance a maker uploads all relevant document files. These documents can be searched in no time when need arises. This makes responding to regulatory notices etc. easy
  5. Manage team tasks : Proactly is not limited to just regulatory compliances, it can be used for internal tasks as well. So all recurring tasks (e.g. Lease renewal) or one time tasks ( e.g. Review draft Balance Sheet) can also be managed via Proactly

if you are still not using Proactly , try it free for 30 Days. It is incredibly easy to implement and costs just Rs. 1000/- per user per year.